Peter Haslinger retired

Peter Haslinger retired

Peter Haslinger, who joined our company in 1984 and quickly familiarised himself with all locksmith and metalwork at that time, became a reliable pillar of the company over the years. 

With his improvisational skills and his inventiveness when faced with tricky problems, he spurred the technicians on to new product developments. In many ways, he contributed to the success and further development of the company and made it possible to create value at home. 

After 37 years in the team, we said goodbye to him in March 2021 and wish him all the best for the future.

37 years of pillar of the company

On April 3, 1984, we welcomed Peter Haslinger to the Steinbacher team as a trained fitter with professional experience at the companies Vetter, Welser and Makita. In the years 2000 to 2002 he successfully completed several welding courses, deepened his knowledge and soon mastered every material (whether steel, sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel) as well as all welding processes such as MIG/MAG, autogenous in perfecion.

Series products, but also complicated custom-made products, were always implemented quickly and reliably by Mr. Haslinger. Senior boss Ing. Anton Steinbacher and Mr. Ing. Karl Schnabl as well as all the masters were part of his secret fan club. Michael Steinbacher and Mr. Birkner, who were able to experience him as a patient teacher, also got a little insight into his abilities.

Haslinger also found happiness privately in Hollenstein, lives happily with Mrs. Herta and is now a grandfather. He is a real athlete and has even participated in several cycling competitions in the past. At company celebrations he was noticed by his creativity for example with the forged fire basket on the occasion of the opening of Hall 3 in September 2015.