In harmony with nature

Handshake with green thumb

High-quality products are one thing - it's manufacture is often a completely different one. Located in the heart of Austria amidst the unique backdrop of the Alpine foothills, we are reminded of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability every day.

The 4000 m² park on the company premises with a 600 m² pond as its centrepiece - planned and planted by the boss himself - are a sign of our commitment to an intact nature that cannot be overlooked and offer recreational opportunities for our employees in their daily work. 

A small tour in the park

Jump into cold water

There are no fish swimming in our pond, but a habitat has been created for numerous newts, frogs, snails, insects and aquatic plants. Even wild ducks raise their offspring here well hidden in the reeds.

"Grillkota" and fire pit

The original "Grillkota" from Finland is an eye-catcher in the park. To the previously created round place with fire basket leads a bridge made by locksmith Joe Wahler - a bridge reminiscent of Monet's home in Giverny.

Our "Botanic Garden"

Alongside the paths, conifers and deciduous trees grow, including old native fruit trees, but also "immigrants" such as Atlas cedar and ginkgo. In summer and autumn, staff members are invited to pick.

Birdhouses around the building

On the outer walls of the office building nesting boxes and feeders for songbirds have been attached. A conscientious chef always has a sack of sunflower seeds in his office room - not for personal use.

Timeless beautiful outdoor housing made of galvanized sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel powder-coated

"You have been doing well over the years!"

Our distribution cabinets outlast generations

made from sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel "

Hot-dip galvanized sheet steel housings live almost forever. 100% made in Austria they are a prime example of upcycling (disposal profit). 

The advantages of hot-dip galvanizing

We have succeeded in multiplying the talents of my forefathers in the fourth generation, and we have been able to stay here in beautiful Hollenstein an der Ybbs thanks to the energy of my wife and our hardworking employees.
As a specialist in the breadth of materials for the distribution of electrical energy, fibre optic technology and electrical plant construction, our company has achieved a nationwide reputation with thousands of customers.
Ing. Helmut Steinbacher