Our product catalogs

Distribution Cabinets
Outdoor cabinets (sheet steel, aluminium, plastic), free-standing for plinth mounting, flush-mounted/surface-mounted, plaster frames, cable distribution cabinets, meter distributors

Electric Equipment
Power cables, connection material, NH fuse technology, surge arresters, distribution board installation material, cable fastening, shrink material, overhead line installation material

Fiber Optics
Fibre optic cables, micro-tubes and tube assemblies, shafts for fibre optic networks, outdoor cabinets, network distributors, passive fibre optic components, tools for fibre optic cables and tubes

Line Construction
Cable protection pipes and accessories, half pipes, warning tapes, cable cover plates and foils, cable protection fleeces, seals, route markings, water and drainage pipes, cable ducts

Lightning protection & grounding
Round and flat conductors made of hot-dip galvanized steel, nirosta, aluminum or copper, connecting terminals, lightning protection components, tools for round / strip steel, corrosion protection bandages, accessories

Measuring wheels, markers, pulling devices, pulling ropes, locators, cable pulling grips, unwinding systems, pipe tools, safety tools, protective equipment, extension cables, adhesive tapes

Our bestsellers

Cable distribution boxes
Distribution boxes made of hot-dip galvanized steel, durable and stable, central feed for types E1, E3M, E3M-H, E4M, E5M, F4M, F5M, contact-protected feed through plastic cover >> read more

Plaster frames
THE solution for optimal façade design: plaster frames with doors that are mounted above the installation boxes, electrical distributors and other installation boxes remain accessible despite façade insulation

Good tools are the basis of good work! In this catalogue extract you will find tools for deburring, cutting and uncoiling tubes and cables at a glance. Further tools in the main catalogue.