Innovative cable distribution cabinets

Innovations in our cable distribution cabinets

Cable distribution cabinets made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel - durable, stable, environmentally friendly

Discover our range of built-in cable distribution cabinets and free-standing cable distribution cabinets

Our distribution cabinets are literally state of the art. Here you'll find a few key data.

  • medium feed for types E1, E3M, E3M-H, E4M, E5M, F4M, F5M
  • touch-protected feed through transparent plastic cover for all new types
  • NH switch disconnectors instead of open NH strips
  • standard double cable outlet, with NHS bar size 2 in addition to the feed for types E4M, E5M, F4M, F5M
  • installation of the NHS bar size 00 via double adapter for all types with 185 mm busbar system (sizes 4, 5)
  • short circuit test according to IEC / EN- 61439-1 and IEC / EN 61439-5 passed and passed