Examined thoroughly

These certificates confirm our high standards.

Quality Award for 20 Years ISO Standard 9001 Certification (8.10.2014)

ISO 9001 certified since 1994

We have been "living" the ISO 9001 standard for 27 years and are constantly optimising our processes.
We grow with the requirements of our customers and we know that in the long term, only quality convinces.
We take complaints as an opportunity to improve and to inspire you again.

ÖVE-tests for all relevant energy products

Our products and processes are continuously monitored or certified by ÖVE.
Purchase parts are tested for standard requirements (DIN, etc.) or for customer-specific requirements.


Company in the contractor register Austria checked ongoing

Our company data is continuously updated in the contractor register. The entry guarantees you seriousness and performance.

We purchase wholesale products from renowned companies such as Langmatz, which are themselves ISO 9001 certified. Each part is tested accordingly and, if necessary, adapted to customer requirements.
Ing. Helmut Steinbacher
Product Management
In manufacturing, our products undergo the strictest quality checks - in many cases individual piece checks to avoid errors. Should complaints nevertheless occur after delivery, they will be solved efficiently and culpablely.
Ing. Karl Schnabl
Product Auditor