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October Fiber Fest

A symposium with lectures on fiber optic technology combined with product presentations by international manufacturers, company tour and a hearty "Oktoberfest" attracted many interested parties on 12 October 2018 . We were very pleased to welcome customers and interested parties from industrial, electrical and construction sectors. 

Andreas Mag. Andreas Hanger, DI Dr. Igor Brusic and CMG-AE and BMVIT spoke on the subject of broadband expansion. Product managers of the companies CORNING, LANGMATZ, REHAU and Dataware offered technical lectures on glass fiber and 5G.

Tour of the company

Gain an impression of our possibilities. This image film was shot in-house and reflects the reality without large effects. 

Seit der Konzentration auf einen Standort im Jahr 2015 sind wir noch schneller in der Lage zu reagieren und gehen stets mit “geeinten Kräften” vor.  Für die Realisierung dieser Maßnahme unabdingbar war der Neubau einer weiteren Fertigungs- bzw. Lagerhalle sowie eines Bürogebäudes. Auch die Gestaltung einer Parkanlage war Teil des Plans. 

Furthermore a complete computer network update was carried out. Process organization and warehouse management (high bay) have been brought up to date.

We had a dream ...

On the 19th of September 2015 we opened our new production and warehouse hall 3, office and park area with pond. Following the acquisition of the green field in 1995, the construction of Hall 1 in 1996 and Hall 2 in 2010, the complete relocation to the Wieden site was realized. 

During the opening ceremony with numerous guests Martina and Helmut Steinbacher gave an overview of the building activities and especially thanked the general contractor Unger as well as the whole Steinbacher team for their commitment.

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Dangerous Girls - Showact

The musical contribution of the Ensemble Instrumental Weyer at the opening ceremony of the new building at Wieden on 19 September 2015 was by no means the only highlight. The Steinbacher office team surprised all guests with a dance show act, which was enthusiastically received. 

The Steinbacher employees congratulated the management for the successful project and gave them a homemade fire basket as gift. Nearly 600 guests from the region also took advantage of the opportunity and visited the entire company site.

Construction project "Wieden"

For years a concept matured, which led since the beginning of 2014 into a concrete in-house implementation planning. In July Unger was commissioned as general contractor to build a 1,800 m² hall with a high-bay warehouse and an office wing. 

Am 12. Mai 2015 konnte schließlich die Abnahme der fertiggestellten Gebäude erfolgen. Auf diesen Meilenstein wurde mit unseren Mitarbeiter/inne/n vor Ort im Rahmen eines “Kennenlernens der neuen Gebäude” schon einen Tag später im kleinen Rahmen angestoßen.

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