65 and 69 years anniversary

Joint anniversary

Mr. Helmut Steinbacher has been working in the family company since February 1, 1977, and his wife Martina has also been part of the management team since August 1, 1988.


Both celebrated a round birthday at the end of April and were surprised with original birthday wishes. On this occasion, it was a special pleasure to be aware of the past decades and the so positive developments of the company.

Feeling the loyalty of the employees gives strength and energy for the future. 

In good and in bad times ...

In retrospect, these almost 45 years in the service of Steinbacher Energie GmbH seem like the blink of an eye - almost unreal as the time has passed! 

Many highs and lows were mastered together, both privately and professionally and within the company.
After all, Martina and Helmut Steinbacher have been a couple since they were very young - since 1975.

... the two stick together

Rich in experience and yet still the old ones at heart.

With a spirit of adventure, curiosity and now a touch of serenity, Helmut and Martina Steinbacher steer the entrepreneurship until it is handed over to the next generation, trusting the motivation and commitment of their employees as well as the loyalty of their customers.

A little fun is necessary

The creativity of our team made us smile during this “birthday week”: GDPR-compliant pictures of people, elaborate photo montages with pictures of us when we were young and a satirical note gave us great pleasure!

We would like to thank our team for their solidarity with the company and look to the future with confidence.