Visit from Netz NÖ and colleagues from Bulgaria

International exchange

On 12 April we received a visit from representatives of EVN (Netz Niederösterreich) from St. Pölten and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). We were very pleased to have this unique opportunity to present our company and to show our guests around the halls where, among other things, the cable distribution cabinets for Netz NÖ are produced.

A brief look back at the past shows that the cooperation between the two companies Steinbacher Energie and EVN has been going on for a long time.

Once upon a time, Anton Steinbacher jun. began building electrical switchgear for the steel industry as well as test and power systems for aircraft in the post-war years. The first cable distribution cabinets were also built during this time - probably the first in Austria. And: they found their way to NEWAG, the former EVN. Made of hot-dip galvanised steel, they performed their service for many decades. In Hollenstein we still have examples from the sixties in use. 

Of course, these cabinets have undergone many technical changes to this day and are constantly being improved. Only last year, the Free-air meter standard distributors major adjustments have been made to increase switchgear operating safety (>> read more).

Martina Steinbacher gave a lecture in our "gallery". Afterwards, interesting discussions took place over a small snack. Later, Helmut Steinbacher called for a tour of the company premises.

The Steinbacher technical team around Ing. Karl Schnabl, Ing. David Huber and Ing. Andreas Peitler explained details about the cable distribution cabinets and the newly manufactured prototype for the tender from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.