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Technical adjustments at FZNV

Classics from the Steinbacher production range such as the Free-air meter standard distributor are constantly revised and adapted to the marker requirements. Due to the new edition of the Technical Implementation Regulations (TAB) of Netz NÖ, valid since September 2022, specific changes were made to all meter distribution cabinets (outdoor and indoor) in order to increase the safety of switchgear operation and to adapt to the current state of the art.

The adjustments affect various areas and components:

The N conductor is routed separately from the pre-meter section upwards to the post-meter section.
Instead of the D02 screw fuse bases, layman-operated D02 load switching elements are installed.

Pre-counter part

Counter part

Post-counter part

The neutral conductor must no longer be looped through at the meter connection terminal; instead, it is led from the pre-meter part to the respective ZAK and once from the pre-meter part to the N-distribution terminal in the post-meter part. Therefore, the ZAKs are now only designed with one N terminal.
Ing. David Huber
Development & Process Control
We generally equip the pre-meter section with separate NH fuse switch disconnectors size 000 mounted on a 60mm busbar system for two customer installations or more.

As standard, we provide the busbar system with V-connection terminals for aluminium/copper cables up to 50 mm². (V-terminals for cables up to 150 mm² are optionally available).
Ing. Andreas Peitler
Project planning, plant engineering

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