Retirement of master electrician Berginc

The farewell is hard

Our master electrician, who started as an apprentice with us and worked in our company after "traveling and practical years" in Germany since 1989 (30 years at a time), retired at the end of July.

Mr. Berginc was highly appreciated by our customers for his hands-on advice over the phone. We lose a charismatic, steady, and creative workforce who has accompanied the company through ups and downs. We are thankful for his loyalty and dedication to the company. Despite some conflicts he has always preserved his sunny disposition and this joie de vivre.

His colleagues have designed a prototype walking stick with built-in alarm (based on his knowledge of KNX) and a preventive case for any upcoming little complaints.

As supervisor in production he had to apologize for all sins - original questions on various offenses were made by the colleagues in the form of a confession. Mr. Berginc countered gallantly as usual. The repentance in the form of a shot glass of alcohol after each admission was half so bad.

Mr. Berginc - also an talented hobby photographer in the private sector - surprised with a short Powerpoint-Lecture about his 30 years in the enterprise and invited all present to a tasty dinner. Thanks!

We will miss him - as a person and as an employee, who was able to convince the clients of solutions and took care of processes and maintenance in-house. He always came up with original suggestions. We wish him all the best for the new phase of life, joy with the varied hobbies and in the family circle.