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Outdoor cabinets made of sheet steel, aluminum or plastic, freestanding for base mounting, flush or surface mounting, plaster frames, cable distribution cabinets, meter distributors, distribution boxes for special applications and accessories and much more ...

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Cable distribution cabinets made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel

Durable, stable, environmentally friendly - Discover our range of built-in cable distribution cabinets and free-standing cable distribution cabinets

Our distribution cabinets are literally state of the art. Here you'll find a few key data. 

  • medium feed for types E1, E3M, E3M-H, E4M, E5M, F4M, F5M
  • touch-protected feed through transparent plastic cover for all new types
  • installation of the NHS bar size 00 via double adapter for all types with 185 mm busbar system (sizes 4, 5)
  • short circuit test according to IEC / EN- 61439-1 and IEC / EN 61439-5 passed and passed

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Discover our solutions for optimal facade design!

Facade insulation for optimal thermal insulation is climate-friendly and saves heating costs, BUT what do you do with the electrical distributor or other installation boxes in the wall?

Therefore we offer plaster frames with doors, that are mounted above the installation boxes and - because they are wider and taller than this - allow access to them. The problem is solved with a plaster frame with a slightly larger door.

The highlight: these doors are plasterable, the box disappears into the facade, becomes almost invisible.