Our product catalogs

Well-tried changes ...

Our product catalogs part 1 and 2 will be replaced by six new product catalogs!

This measure serves to better manage the growing inventory of items. Our new catalogs will give you a quicker overview and will also be available in printed form. They can be used universally as product information.

Pricing remains transparent using periodic Excel-lists. The reaction time to market conditions is optimized. 

You are welcome to download the existing product catalogs in PDF format here.

Our bestsellers

Cable distribution boxes

Durable, stable, environmentally friendly - made of hot-dip galvanized steel

Discover our range of built-in cable distribution cabinets and free-standing cable distribution cabinets.

  • medium feed for types E1, E3M, E3M-H, E4M, E5M, F4M, F5M
  • touch-protected feed through transparent plastic cover for all new types
  • installation of the NHS bar size 00 via double adapter for all types with 185 mm busbar system (sizes 4, 5)
  • short circuit test according to IEC / EN- 61439-1 and IEC / EN 61439-5

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Plaster frames

Our solutions for optimal facade design

Facade insulation for optimal thermal insulation is climate-friendly and saves heating costs, BUT what do you do with the electrical distributor or other installation boxes in the wall?

Therefore we produce plaster frames with doors, which are mounted above the installation boxes and - since they are wider and higher than this - allow access to them. 

The highlight: these doors can also be plastered, the box disappears into the facade and becomes almost invisible.


For deburring, cutting and unwinding pipes & cables

Good tools are the basis of good work!

Our tool extract list deals with the following topics:

  • Deburring pipes
  • Cutting pipes and cables
  • Unwinding pipes and cables