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New partnership with Elitex GmbH: DuctRepair

Innovation does not usually happen on its own, but on the contrary is often the result of fruitful collaboration. The partnership entered into in 2022 with the Elitex GmbHwhich has its headquarters in southern Germany, is making an important contribution in the area of fibre optic expansion. 

During the 3rd AGGFA Construction Day in St. Pölten last summer, we officially announced our cooperation with Elitex. Now the products are already being distributed and our customers have had good experiences!

We are pleased about the successful partnership and especially about the modern products and solutions that we keep promptly available for the Austrian market.  

From left to right: David Huber (Steinbacher Energie GmbH), Ingo Stark (Sales Manager of Elitex GmbH) and Helmut Steinbacher (Managing Director of Steinbacher Energie GmbH).

DuctRepair - the solution for repairing microducts

The expansion of passive micro-pipe structures is progressing, but unfortunately not without disruptions. For example, excavation work and laying and maintenance work on other pipe systems (gas, water, district heating, etc.) repeatedly lead to problems and corresponding costs. However, for damaged micro-pipes already covered with a fibre optic cable and similar faults in the passive fibre optic pipe network, there is now a sustainable blow-in and blow-out repair option. 

At the DuctRepair block it is a separable connecting blockwhich allows a damaged micropipe system to be repaired easily and sustainably:

The highlights at a glance:

DuctRepair in our range: